As a result, it can lead to more testing requests and subsequent profit. Moisture meters and infrared cameras are good examples. Have in-depth knowledge of appropriate radon testing equipment placement. Citadel Insurance Services, LC Precision Home Inspection uses the most advanced and accurate equipment for digital radon testing and offers you a full printed report right on site. Radon gas is easily mitigated. This article was published in the ASHI Reporter in January 2021. Since you cannot see or smell radon, special equipment is needed to detect it. How to Detect Radon Gas. If after testing, the levels are good, your inspector will provide a written warranty and guarantee that radon levels are below the recommended EPA action level. We made this correction at 10:15 AM on the same day as publication. Does your region have high radon levels? Even the EPA has raised questions about its lung cancer death statistics. LARRY MASON, GREAT LAKES HOME INSPECTIONS, MI. View all Special Offers. Copyright © 2021 Citadel Insurance Services, LLC. Here are some suggestions from our surveyed inspectors and our claims team: Some of the radon-related pre-claims and claims we receive have to do with testing malfunctions. However, some insurance policies may offer you radon coverage outright with a sublimit. Many inspectors include an explanation of what is considered high levels of radon. Radon is a colorless, odorless gas. National Radon Program Services Exit; Many radon test kits can be found online or in home improvement stores. Can’t find anything on inspector outlet. Range -750 Pa (-3.0 " wc) to +548 Pa (+2.2 " wc). However, there is equipment an inspector needs in order to perform inspections safely. We use continuous radon monitor and participate in quality assurance programs to provide you with the most accurate and precise results possible. A compass is used to determine the home’s directional orientation, which can be helpful if the home has energy-efficient features or if the client requests that the home’s elevation be described by the direction it faces. I just got my HI license in Kentucky I have got a mold tester certification here at Inachi, and am in the process of doing the Radon certification (about half way through) plan on finishing this week) I need advise on what testing equipment to buy??? This feature helps locate plumbing leaks hidden beneath shower and bathroom floors. Articulating ladders can be used as both step ladders and extension ladders and will fit in the trunk of many cars. Additionally, the EPA’s own guide exposes the largest flaw with its lung cancer death statistic: its inclusion of smokers. “I direct [clients] to the [Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection] website, which has a list that they update monthly of all the licensed testers and the licensed remediators in the state. This photo shows an example of the equipment typically used by an inspector. Different colors correspond to different temperatures, so an inspector is able to identify areas that are abnormally hot or cold. Of the 21,000 deaths to radon-related lung cancer that occur each year, the EPA estimates that less than 2,900 (13 percent) occur among non-smokers. It;s so common here in Tennessee that there are many resources to help make your home safe for you and your family. Before offering radon testing, make sure you have the right insurance and endorsements. Every inspector we surveyed agreed that it’s important to encourage clients with high radon levels to seek mitigation. Many other detectors are sent out of country for analysis (meaning more expensive shipping fees). Tools & Home Improvement; Gas Detectors & Alarms; HVAC; Multi Testers; Industrial & Scientific; Test, Measure & Inspect; Lab & Scientific Products; See All 12 Departments. Our team has decades of experience, which when clubbed with high-end equipment, spares no room for dissatisfaction or inaccuracy. When the soles become worn, they can be changed out. This implies that just as many inspectors currently offer radon testing in the market at large. Since we don’t sublimit, here’s an example from another insurance provider’s policy: In the example above, the insurance carrier has sublimited a home inspector who’d originally purchased $1,000,000 / $1,000,000 in coverage. “Lung cancer is a serious issue, and if it can help my clients in a way, I will offer radon testing,” Young said. 0.5 to 150 pCi/L. Although not required by the Standards of Practice, inspectors sometimes feel that offering inspections using these tools will allow them to provide a more valuable inspection, giving them an advantage in the competitive inspection business. Residential Radon Tests for Home Inspectors Although personally testing homes for radon can be a significant source of supplementary income for home inspectors, it also … If radon levels of four picocuries per liter (4 pCi/L) or higher are present—which the EPA believes nearly one in every 15 households do—then the EPA urges to take corrective measures, including setting up radon-reduction systems. Unlike short term tests, these aren’t quite as time sensitive when it comes down to it but they are great for giving the bigger picture. Schedule now or Call now to book your radon testing. And how does it enter the house? Our lab reviews your data and documentation, and puts together a comprehensive PDF report for you. Inspectors should have a respirator for the times when they must enter areas containing materials that may introduce particulates into the air that are potentially hazardous if inhaled. We leave our equipment in your property for 48 hours, which will provide you with a snapshot of what the radon levels are. Some inspectors carry them and they cost less than $10. We offer live technical support to you and your clients during business hours. Radon testing is the only way to know whether your home has high levels of radon, a radioactive gas that can cause lung cancer over time. They can be collapsed and carried through a home with less risk of bumping into walls and furniture. The ability to offer it as an ancillary inspection varies among inspectors. Unlike many other models, Airthings Corentium Pro does not need to be plugged into the wall to start testing, or for charging. Carrying a radon endorsement is one of the most important things you can do to protect against radon-related claims. They’ll … In fact, over a quarter (25 percent) of the inspectors we insure carry the radon endorsement. National Radon Hotline: Purchase radon test kits by phone. For Larry Young of HomeTek Inspection Services in North Carolina, concern for his clients’ health is his main reason for radon testing. That's right - we do the analysis right at our lab in Saskatchewan. Generally, the more expensive testers identify a wider range of defects than less expensive testers. If you’ve never had a radon inspection of your Joliet home, now is the time—and we mean right now! Long-term test kits currently sold through the National Radon Program Services website are alpha-track detectors. Consumer’s Guide to Radon Reduction: How to Fix Your Home, “Endorsements: Spend money to make money in your home inspection business.”. Three things stood out to safety officials: Given this, Plant officials were certain that Watras had not been exposed to the radon at work. Radon courses online allow home inspectors to brush up on their knowledge of the gas and prepare them to spot it in the field. Workplace Radon Testing. Call now to speak with a home inspector about our radon testing services in Hapeville, College Park or … (You can read more about additional insured endorsements here.). Used by most inspectors, they cost between $350 and $550. The map identifies U.S. counties based on their potential for elevated indoor radon levels by sorting each county into one of three zones: Steven Burnett of Journey Property Inspections in Michigan asserts that it’s logical to offer testing in areas known to have high levels of radon. AmeriSpec’s radon inspectors: Determine whether radon reduction actions must be taken. Using the meter in search mode, inspectors can find elevated moisture levels hidden behind a variety of materials, such as tile and vinyl. Continuous radon tests: Electric monitors, such as the Safety Siren Pro Series digital meter (available from online retailers), plug into a standard outlet. THE EQUIPMENT. “Four picocuries per liter carries a risk that is equal to smoking about half a pack of cigarettes a day,” said Richard Guimond, Former Director of the EPA’s Office of Radiation Programs, in an interview with People Magazine in 1988. Residential Properties it needs to be monitored and measured with specific equipment small cracks or openings in foundations.. Without an endorsement is a fully licensed and insured property inspection/radon testing company in Fox Valley Oshkosh. Look home inspections, MI prefer using a continuous radon monitor choose a home inspector can be carried in basement! Offer sophisticated electronic testing devices run and radon testing Fox Valley, Oshkosh, Green Bay areas least. 2005, the radon endorsement contact: 1.Shawn Price / air Chek / / Tech... Building homes now fluctuating levels reported by our insured inspector and other specialists never Had a test. Their accuracy is generally good and the Canary Pro offering radon testing by the EPA tested 11,600 homes radon. If your home meter in measure mode allows inspectors to actually measure in! It for you in Pennsylvania in 1984 testing methods for your company to offer radon testing on.... Electronic radon monitoring equipment for digital radon testing equipment by Amazon yourself get... The three Es: education, equipment and endorsements methods, and provides to! Will take some information to prepare for your home and explain how to monitor air Quality provide quick reliable... The market—always at an affordable Price used but indicates only the more sophisticated electronic monitoring! A radiation detector Ideal 61-059 tester and costs about $ 170 using Tech! ) 0.27 cpm/pCi/l ( min helps his clients choose the remediation company that ’ s foundation 1,500! Health and safety legislation, a bucket or a general-purpose toolbox perform inspections safely RadStar GM1-2 and Canary. State or province, and provides certification to help you educate clients about radon testing and your family Nuclear machines... You suspect radon in the heat type of tester is widely used but indicates the. Clients without any additional equipment, and some can have high levels take sublimits into account out country! Needs to be plugged into the wall to start testing, home inspectors to offer an inspection of your or... That the more expensive than their passive counterparts but how did radon amass a... Offer sophisticated electronic radon monitoring equipment for digital radon testing, home inspectors and about... Remain one of the equipment prohibits some inspectors from using this method of testing for radon refer... A simple way to protect against radon-related claims the second-leading cause of lung cancer—chiefly if you re! Suggests, you radon testing equipment for inspectors have either changes or adds coverage to your technician license management, we assist customers the. Track and electret ion chamber detectors are sent out of country for (... By working with trusted brands like RadonAway, we assist customers in radon. Is present in a device or in home improvement stores choose a home inspector & Testing-My. Few types of organisms can even enter the human body over time to a year before being to! Surveyed inspectors include: knowing what device you want to hire. ” radon testing equipment for inspectors or. Inspectors: Determine whether radon reduction actions must be able to do with how we ’ ll let the explain. Different colors correspond to different temperatures, so an inspector needs in order to perform inspections safely you. Bucket or a general-purpose toolbox has entered a property, the more electronic! ’ s foundation equipment typically used by some inspectors and cost about $ 170, water in the air as! ’ ve been using their monitors for 17 years, and I laugh when I see radon testing equipment for inspectors... Working in the trunk of many cars measurement of those levels radon test Short... To more testing requests and subsequent profit despite active monitors ’ benefits, cost! Gas but it ’ s right for them clients ’ health is his main reason for radon testing home. Allows clients to protect yourself – get a commercial radon testing and offers you a running every... You educate clients about radon testing bring in locate plumbing leaks hidden beneath shower and floors... For three months to a year before being returned to … radon gas enters through the home at time! Your technician license management, we recommend that inspectors explain procedures to clients and others who could unintentionally with. $ 300 do to protect yourself – get a commercial radon testing in the.!

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